Yet Another One!

Well kiddies… Here is another of my favorite moments from this last years Masquerade. It also includes a budy of mine!! (she’s the hot one in the yellow)

So here’s the clip… featuring one of, in my opinion, the best literary figures of the 21st century. And hey… Stitch Happens!

2 Replies to “Yet Another One!”

  1. Reeeeally funny. And it reminded me of the lame host jokes. By the way do you guys have a clip of the one judge kicking a host of the back of the stage? Or of Grease Wars from Luke Ski? I’d like to see tha. Keep up the great work guys!

  2. Actually I DO have that clip. It is pretty funny.. I might just have to post it.

    And as far as Luke Ski goes… I’m a huge fan of his! He rocks muchly. And I did post his Potter/Baby Got Back song from the previous year but it was part of the competition and this year he was a performing guest. Slight difference and I’m sure he’d appreciate me NOT handing out copies of his performances. Unless he WANTS me to then it’s another story. 🙂

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