It’s iPodTastic

We hear these “iPod” thingys are really cool. So Brian clicked on a few buttons and made new MP4 files of the old DCTV videos. They’re now available for download.

Everything except for the “clip of the week” is now available in MPEG4 format, thanks to the free Videora iPod Converter application. Don’t worry if you’re not part of the white earbud masses … these files play just fine in Apple QuickTime 7 & VLC Media Player, plus the old files are still available.

DCTV will make all future downloads compatible for that magic little box stuck to your hip. If you want to use your podcasting software to download these new files, just subscribe to the RSS feed. Note for iTunes users … the MP4 links in this post won’t display properly in iTunes till I fix a problem with the site. I have apparently broken a cardinal rule of podcasting by putting more than one link per entry, which angers the god of iTunes. Be patient, since i have to fix this for over 100 files.

And now for the linkage …
WDCN Action News (1 of 3)
WDCN Action News (2 of 3)
WDCN Action News (3 of 3)
WDCN Action News Promo
Alien Hunter
Aurora Chair
Blue Pill
DOX News (2004, 1 of 10)
DOX News (2004, 2 of 10)
DOX News (2004, 3 of 10)
DOX News (2004, 4 of 10)
DOX News (2004, 5 of 10)
DOX News (2004, 6 of 10)
DOX News (2004, 7 of 10)
DOX News (2004, 8 of 10)
DOX News (2004, 9 of 10)
DOX News (2004, 10 of 10)
Dread Pirate Roberts Infomercial
DVC (1 of 2)
DVC (2 of 2)
Intergalactic Pizza
Logan’s Run
Nordic Vampire Vacations
Phaser Eye Surgery
TeyLiv Sunglasses
Towel Service
Zion DJ Service
Zion Sweater Company
American Depressed
Anime (adult swim)
Ant People (adult swim)
Are We Geeks (adult swim)
Art Show (adult swim)
Badges (adult swim)
Bad Google (adult swim)
Bar (adult swim)
Bar of Soap (adult swim)
Books (adult swim)
Cruxshadows (adult swim)
Dark Side (adult swim)
Dawn of the Dead (adult swim)
Dragon*Con Quiz (adult swim)
Dr. Who (adult swim)
Duchovny (adult swim)
Elevator (adult swim)
Ellison (adult swim)
Exercise (adult swim)
Fanboy (adult swim)
Filkers (adult swim)
Food Pyramid (adult swim)
Gamers (adult swim)
Geek Power (adult swim)
Geezers (adult swim)
Giant Robots (adult swim)
Goth Girl (adult swim)
Great Height (adult swim)
Grog (adult swim)
Haig (adult swim)
Hand Crafted (adult swim)
Harry Potter (adult swim)
Hulk (adult swim)
Joss (adult swim)
Jossless Fan (adult swim)
Kirk (adult swim)
Klingon (adult swim)
Lips Down on Dixie (adult swim)
Lloyd Kaufman (adult swim)
Make Fun of Adult Swim (adult swim)
Making Friends (1 of 2) (adult swim)
Making Friends (2 of 2) (adult swim)
Marsters (adult swim)
Mom was busy (adult swim)
Neuralizer (adult swim)
No Stairs (adult swim)
No Girlfriend (adult swim)
Pickles (adult swim)
Raimi (adult swim)
Rainbow Connection (adult swim)
Red Shirts (adult swim)
Restraining Order (adult swim)
Robot Chicken (adult swim)
Romance (adult swim)
Savini (adult swim)
Silenced (adult swim)
Smell (adult swim)
Stolen (adult swim)
Stormtroopers & Barns (adult swim)
Stormtroopers Are Sexy (adult swim)
Swears (adult swim)
Text Adventure (adult swim)
Three Reactions (adult swim)
Website (adult swim)
Welcome – Dawn Contest (adult swim)
Welcome – Masquerade (adult swim)
What is DCTV Adult Swim? (adult swim)
Wil (adult swim)
William Blake Redux (adult swim)
Fendel Sasoon
Goth Eye
Messages from the troops (TK129)
Messages from the troops (TK142)
Messages from the troops (TK318)
Messages from the troops (TK497)
Messages from the troops (TK742)
Battlestar Disclaimer (DOX News)
Blernsball (DOX News)
Comic Infection(DOX News)
Ewoks (DOX News)
Heroes on Steroids (DOX News)
Hot Women (DOX News)
Showless (DOX News)
Wolfram & Hart (DOX News)
New Republic Technical College
Old Spice Melange
Pon Farr
Trogdor PSA (no music)
Red Shirt Diaries
SciFi Life
Simple Life
Soylent Green
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
Stormtroopers Gone Wild
Swears Unlimited
Skywalking – 50 Ways
Skywalking – Annoys
Skywalking – Best Dressed
Skywalking – Day Job
Skywalking – How Old?
Skywalking – Other Worlds
Skywalking – Scened from Star Wars camp
Skywalking – Tourism
Skywalking – Why Star Wars?
Skywalking – WWYD
The More You Know – Mad Scientists
The More You Know – Mutants
Trading Spaecies
TV Executive Language Infomercial
You’re Watching – Dawn
You’re Watching – Episode III
You’re Watching – Robot Chicken
You’re Watching – Synch
You’re Watching – Ypiipe!
You’re Watching – Cartman, Beefcake
You’re Watching – Cartman, Hate You Guys
You’re Watching – Cartman, Kickass
You’re Watching – Dr. Claw
You’re Watching – Elvish
You’re Watching – Equal Opportunity
You’re Watching – French
You’re Watching – Lucas
You’re Watching – German
You’re Watching – Ellison
You’re Watching – Italian
You’re Watching – Joss
You’re Watching – Parole
You’re Watching – Pig Latin
You’re Watching – Pirate
You’re Watching – Romero
You’re Watching – Scottish, Crap
You’re Watching – Scottish, Sexy
You’re Watching – Spanish
You’re Watching – Wookie
You’re Watching – Yoda

If you have any problems with these files, e-mail faq at dragoncontv dot com

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