Sci-Fi Janitors: 3D [DCTV 2010]

Who cleans the mess once Dragon*Con is over? That’s Bob and Carl, the Sci-Fi Janitors. While they clean, they talk about all kinds of sci-fi topics. Let’s introduce you to our favorite janitors as they discuss 3D movies.

Produced for Dragon*Con 2010 by Dragon*ConTV

Created By: Michael Goodwin
Puppeteers and Dialogue: Matt Nitche & Beau Brown
Puppet Construction: Beau Brown
Producification and Filmatudeness: Patrick Freeman
Filmed on location at the Mountain Stronghold
Follow the janitors on Twitter – @bobandcarl

3 Replies to “Sci-Fi Janitors: 3D [DCTV 2010]”

  1. Have to say, Bob and Carl were my favorite part of DCTV at the Con, even if I did have to try and hush the room (which was easy after the first time I got the others to watch one) when they came on to listen for a new one when I saw the title screen. Bob and Carl for something impressive!

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