Video: New Republic Technical College

Want a fresh start? Looking for a career? Then perhaps a career as a Stormtrooper is for you … There’s lots of theories on why the Stormtroopers in Star Wars: A New Hope are soooo much worse than the kick-butt Jango clones from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Brian’s theory is that they ran out of clones and replaced them with cheap labor from local trade schools … and trade schools always need a good TV ad.

Edited & Written by Brian Richardson; Voiceover by Timothy Gott
Featuring Stormtrooper images from the Georgia 501st

2 Replies to “Video: New Republic Technical College”

  1. I hate to tell ya this again, but I think you are not getting cooments because no one has been able to view any of these. I tried all your suggestions, but it just does not play. You may need to check your code. These clips sound really funny, and I really want to watch them!

  2. Actually, I have lots of people who comment & view (I have the bandwidth bill to prove it) … so I think the problem is not on our end.

    If you cannot view the clip within your browser, download it to your computer then view it using QuickTime 6 (the latest version). You can download QuickTime at

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