Syfy (DCTV2009)

The change over from SciFi Channel to Syfy seems to have gone smoothly, but it still creeps us out. In fact, it made a few of us go a wee bit crazy …

Syfy, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Gaia by Saelynh (Creative Commons)

Olmos the Inventor (DCTV2009)

We really missed Edward James Olmos (“Eddy”) at Dragon*Con 2009, but he was off making “The Plan” for SyFy. At Dragon*Con 2008 he told us he basically invented SciFi (not SyFy), so we made this tribute to his inventive nature.

Olmos the Inventor, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Zero Gravity (original mix) by Redmann (Creative Commons)

SF Not SF (bumper)

You think the Sci-Fi Channel would be the definitive source for science fiction … let’s compare sci-fi to non-sci-fi and find out. Produced for Dragon*ConTV 2006.

Written By: Stephen Granade
Music By: zikweb
Song Title: Wanderlust