Harriet The Vampire Slayer [DCTV 2011]

Holy mishaps, Batman! We have an entire trove of videos that never got posted from Dragon*ConTV 2011! It’s like Al Capone’s Secret Vault, except there’s actually something good in this dusty pile of comedy. To get you in the mood for Dragon*Con 2012, we’re going to post these “lost” treasures.

Our first semi-classic video is what happens when Fan Fiction Friday gets into your TV! We mash up some literature for your video enjoyment. Produced by Joyce Lanterman for Dragon*ConTV 2011.

Hated YA Movies [DCTV 2010]

Not everybody loves the latest movies based on young adult novels. People feel like these new books twist their old legends into something too pretty and safe for teenagers. We understand the hate, but do you really have to be so mean?

Produced for Dragon*Con 2010 by Dragon*ConTV
Written by Stephen Granade
Music: fishfood2021 / Salem (creative commons)