Making Bail [DCTV 2010]

Did you all get enough sleep after Dragon*Con ended? Did you get that sleep in your own bed, someone else’s bed, or the bunk in a jail cell?

Produced for Dragon*Con 2010 by Dragon*ConTV
Written and Produced by Stephen Granade
Music: XenoX / Happy Muffin Song (creative commons)

Stop The Signal [DCTV 2010]

Firefly? Serenity? Are people still watching that stuff?
Produced by Dragon*ConTV for Dragon*Con 2010

Written by Brian Richardson
Produced by Stephen Granade
Music: DJ DragonBoy / RedSun (creative commons)

Sci-Fi Janitors: Duel [DCTV 2010]

Bob and Carl goof off on the job … a lot.
Produced for Dragon*Con 2010 by Dragon*ConTV

Created By: Michael Goodwin
Puppeteers and Dialogue: Matt Nitche & Beau Brown
Puppet Construction: Beau Brown
Producification and Filmatudeness: Patrick Freeman
Filmed on location at the Mountain Stronghold
Follow the janitors on Twitter — @bobandcarl

Apology on the Mount [DCTV 2010]

Last year we got the phrase “Captain Kirk is Climbing a Mountain, Why is He Climbing a Mountain?” stuck in the heads of thousands of sci-fi fans. At this year’s Dragon*Con, we apologize and give you a remedy in case the song is still stuck there.

Produced for Dragon*Con 2010 by Dragon*ConTV
Written and Produced by Stephen Granade
Music: “Toy Car” by DJ DragonBoy (creative commons) and “Shatner Of The Mount” by Fall On Your Sword

The Post-Con Blues

Wow, is it Tuesday already. It’s so hard to believe Dragon*Con 2010 is over … except when I look at all of these kilts that need to be laundered.

We here at Dragon*ConTV had a fantastic time entertaining (or trying to entertain) the fans this year. We’ve had a massive amount of feedback on this year’s content. Thanks for all of the kind words, it’s encouraging to know that we can be fairly funny when we put our minds to it.

To help you get over the post-con blues, we will be posting the rest of the DCTV 2010 content. This includes all of the “Bob and Carl: SciFi Janitors” videos, the “adult swim style” bumpers, the new “I’m on a Blimp” music video, an epic introduction for the Masquerade and our usual pile of fake movie trailers and slightly unreasonable commercial parodies.

Make a lot of free time, because Dragon*ConTV produced over an hour of new material in 2010. It’s coming your way on this website, our Twitter feed (@dragoncontv), Facebook, YouTube and iTunes.

And yes, we’re already planning for DCTV 2011 … once we get some sleep.