Heroes (DCTV2009)

We like seeing sci-fi on prime time television, but as fans we can always suggest improvements … especially if that show is on NBC.

Written by Brian Richardson and Adam Summerville
Music: PHUKKA THAT by Ms.Vybe (Creative Commons)

ER Muggles (DCTV2009)

Muggles come in all shapes & sizes, even in the medical profession.

Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Foreign Space 2009 by DJ DragonBoy (Creative Commons)

Cosplayers (DCTV2009)

There are so many good costumes at Dragon*Con for characters you’ve never seen before. Dragon*ConTV can help you properly compliment cosplayers you see at the convention.

Written by Cliff Haddox.
Music: Phase 1 by DJ DragonBoy (Creative Commons)

Killer Claudias (DCTV2009)

One of these days, Dragon*Con will replace wrestling with celebrity-on-celebrity violence. Until then, we’ll simulate these smackdowns in text form.

Written by Jessica Sheffield
Music: Side B – Squareshot by Cixxx J

Week Long (DCTV2009)

Sometimes Dragon*Con feels like it’s too short, sometimes it feels like it’s too long. What if we made it even longer?

Produced for Dragon*ConTV 2009 by Stephen Granade.
Written by Aaron Littleton
Music: There Was A Madman by DJ DragonBoy (Creative Commons)

Panel Etiquette (DCTV2009)

Dragon*Con is only a few days away. So it’s time to educate the masses on how to behave around tens of thousands of their closest friends. Etiquette isn’t a dirty word, it’s just a stuck-up way to describe what we in the south call “good manners” 🙂

It’s like one of those pre-flight safety videos, only without instructions for a water landing. View the video, learn the video, pass the video along so we all have a good time at Dragon*Con panels this year.
Written by Stephen Granade, Music: Euphoric Paradise by dj-Nate (Creative Commons license)

SF Not SF (bumper)

You think the Sci-Fi Channel would be the definitive source for science fiction … let’s compare sci-fi to non-sci-fi and find out. Produced for Dragon*ConTV 2006.

Written By: Stephen Granade
Music By: zikweb
Song Title: Wanderlust