What’s on DragonCon.TV??

It’s hard to believe it’s already been four weeks since DragonCon 2017! So many of you watched our live stream and have been logging in to dragoncon.tv every day to catch up on panels you may have missed on DCTV. In case you forgot or haven’t logged in since live broadcast ended, here are some of the highlights that are on the site right now!

Fan favorite John Barrowman was positively electric, coming on stage in a classic Linda Carter-era Wonder Woman costume and running around the room talking directly to the fans.

Michael Rooker followed that performance with one of his own, running around Hyatt Centennial ballroom taking questions from dozens of fans. Our camera operator had to work overtime to keep up with this!

And of course you can watch the entire broadcast of The Masquerade!

As of this afternoon, everything in the broadcast schedule has been separated out from the live stream’s DVR, so you can go to the site, search for anything in that list, and watch those panels individually!

“But DCTV, what about other panels that weren’t part of the broadcast??”

Well I’m glad you asked!

We recorded a lot more than what’s available on the site right now. We were going to start uploading these right after DragonCon, but unfortunately Hurricane Irma had other plans. Several members of the team were either without power for a few days or had to do some decidedly non-Dragon Con related work: 1


But things are finally starting to return to…normal? Well maybe not normal, but at least we now have power, internet, and free time. So over the next few weeks we’ll be uploading a bunch of videos that didn’t make it to the broadcast.

Here’s a list of everything we recorded. We aren’t sure if 100% of the panels on this list will be uploaded, since we still need to review for content and technical issues, but this should give you some idea of the things you’ll be able to watch on dragoncon.tv with your membership.

Panel/Guest Name Hotel/Ballroom Day Time
Kindred Spirits Sheraton Grand Friday 2:30 PM
The Flash (2nd panel) Marriott Atrium Friday 4:00 PM
Firefly Sheraton Grand Friday 4:00 PM
Agents of Shield Sheraton Grand Friday 5:30 PM
HEMA Longsword Sheraton Grand Saturday 1:00 PM
Dragon Cup Sheraton Grand Saturday 1:00 PM
Best sellers NY Sellers Hyatt Regency VI/VII Saturday 2:30 PM
Guardians Marriott Atrium Saturday 2:30 PM
Starship Troopers: Operation Mobile Infantry Westin Peachtree Saturday 5:30 PM
DS9 Hilton Salon Saturday 2:30 PM
Guest of Honor Banquet Hyatt Regency VI/VII Saturday 4:30 PM
Starship Troopers (first panel) Westin Peachtree Sunday 10:00 AM
100 Cast Darkness is All (second panel) Westin Peachtree Sunday 10:00 AM
Legends of Tomorrow (first panel) Marriott Atrium Sunday 1:00 PM
Buffy/Angel Westin Peachtree Sunday 2:30 PM
Lucifer Westin Peachtree Sunday 1:00 PM
The Flash Hyatt Centennial II/III Sunday 4:00 PM
Wynonna Earp Westin Peachtree Sunday 4:00 PM
Great Actor/Great Script Hilton Salon Sunday 4:00 PM
Zachary Levi Hilton Salon Sunday 5:30 PM
Miss Star Trek Sheraton Grand Sunday 5:30 PM
Solve For X Hilton Grand East-West Sunday 10:00 PM
The 100 Westin Peachtree Monday 10:00 AM
Wynonna Earp Cast Westin Peachtree Monday 1:00 PM
Agents of Shield Hilton Salon Monday 1:00 PM
Star Trek TNG Hilton Salon Monday 10:00 AM
Arrow Hilton Salon Monday 10:00 AM
Reign The Aristocracy Guides the Way (second panel) Marriott Atrium Monday 10:00 AM
Battlestar Galactica (1st panel) Hyatt Centennial II/III Monday 10:00 AM
Battlestar Galactica Operation Cylon Rising Hyatt Centennial II/III Friday 11:30 AM
Beyond the Vault : Keythe Farley/Katy Townsend Westin Peachtree Friday 11:30 AM
An Hour with Patricia Briggs Hyatt Regency VI/VII Friday 1:00 PM
Laurel K. Hamilton Hyatt Regency VI/VII Friday 4:00 PM
Arrow: Star City Marriott Atrium Friday 5:30 PM
Buffy/Angel Hyatt Regency VI/VII Saturday 11:30 AM
Jim Butcher Hyatt Regency VI/VII Saturday 1:00 PM
Mass Effect Westin Peachtree Saturday 1:00 PM
War is Here: The 100 Cast Q and A Westin Peachtree Saturday 2:30 PM
Stargate: Operation Indeed Westin Peachtree Saturday 4:00 PM
Arrow: What has the Arrow Cast Marriott Atrium Saturday 5:30 PM
Wrestling Legends Hilton Salon Sunday 11:30 AM
Niven and Pournelle Hour Hyatt Regency VI/VII Sunday 11:30 AM
An Hour with Sherilyn Kenyan Hyatt Regency VI/VII Sunday 1:00 PM
Reign (1st Panel) Hyatt Centennial II/III Sunday 1:00 PM
Stargate (2nd panel) Hyatt Centennial II/III Sunday 2:30 PM
Magnificent Men of Fantasy Hyatt Regency VI/VII Sunday 2:30 PM
ST:TNG Hilton Salon Sunday 1:00 PM
ST:TNG and Agents of Shield Hilton Salon Sunday 1:00 PM
Final Fantasy XV Voices Westin Peachtree Sunday 5:30 PM
From the Beginning: The Evolution of the Urban Fantasy Protagonist Westin Peachtree Sunday 7:00 PM
Toonami Pre-Flight Hyatt Regency VI/VII Friday 5:30 PM
Monster Hunters Hyatt Regency VI/VII Saturday 4:00 PM
An Hour with Kim Harrison Hyatt Regency VI/VII Sunday 4:00 PM


Feel free to leave us any feedback on here or by going to https://dragoncon.tv/help.

[1] The damage from Irma in Atlanta was relatively minor compared to neighbors all around the globe. While we were able to get back up and running in a week or so, some communities like Puerto Rico will be without power for months and will need lots of help. Please remember to donate to your favorite charity that’s helping with recovery efforts.

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