Home from the Big Show

We’re home and mostly unpacked from Dragon*Con 2011. It was a great show and we hope our fans enjoyed the new videos. We made a lot of new friends, drank a few strange potions and even managed to get a few hours sleep each night.

New videos from 2011 will be posted this month. There’s everything from Angry Nerds and Dating Game of Thrones to our bumpers and the continuing adventures of Bob & Carl. Lots of new videos to enjoy. We might even have videos of some famous guest-type people admitting to their appreciation of Dragon*ConTV (shocking, I know).

Thanks again for all the fan love … and you can stop complaining about a lack of signal in the Marriott now (yes, we know, we’re working on a solution for 2012).

12 Replies to “Home from the Big Show”

  1. I appreciate the work you did this year. While waiting for panels, I enjoyed every single clip/video/sketch I saw. The quality of writing and video was stellar. Thank you, and I can’t wait to re-watch those videos.

  2. Loved DCTV – now that we are home, we keep wishing DCTV was a channel we could flip to 🙁
    Thank you for making the wait a fun experience and giving us a chance to catch up on other panels – Great job

  3. DC*TV was great, and the website helps ease Con Withdrawal Syndrome-itis. It was even worth being ragged on for my choice of mobile phone operating system during the Late Show, in exchange for getting to see more classics, and variety, in the rotation this year!

  4. Can’t wait to see the River Tam vs River Song bumper. That was my question but I never actually got to see it, but I heard you answered correctly 🙂

  5. Please upload the Parade with DC*TV commentary. Many of us were in the parade and couldn’t see the rebroadcast, and would love to see it. Thanks!

  6. While the connectivity in the Marriott was an issue, when it was working I found that the wildly varying volume levels were quite unfortunate. During several programs, it was necessary to crank the volume to the TV’s maximum just to hear anything at all….and inevitably when that item ended, the speakers were nearly blown out by returning to “normal” audio levels of the bumpers, etc. For future reference, it really would be nice to see some consistency in terms of volume during the panels and/or other events.

    Also, would love to see a schedule of which panels will be broadcast or re-broadcast during D*C so we can plan accordingly. If there already is one, please let us know. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We’re working on the volume issue (bringing in different formats & feeds of audio = adding auto-leveling software). The schedule should have been posted in the program but we’ll improve that for 2012.

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