Cup full of Clips

Well kids, This week is going to require a little bit of work on YOUR part. I know I’m posting just a tad late today but it’s been a busy week. Bare with me.

There are TWO count them TWO clips ready to go up. But only ONE will be posted. And you my faithful readers… yes all two of you will get to decide which one!

The 1st one is from our friends at Netherspawn. If you remember they did a really clever bit the previous year. I will never ever be able to listen to the soundtrack from Grease the same way ever again.

On the other hand is a clip I get a lot of personal requests for from my Harry Potter fanatical friends. Yes yes… it is the music video for what I like to call… “Baby got Black” and yes I know that’s not the name.

So… everyone vote… and which ever one gets the most votes will be posted at midnight.

3 Replies to “Cup full of Clips”

  1. I like the Netherspawn. I am a Netherspawn. But not one of those Netherspawn. I am too rhythmically challenged to be one of them.

  2. Hey guys, can we get more clips? we have all those Dragon*Con contests, we should get more clips… It just makes sense!

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