Dragon*ConTV mentioned on StarTrek.com

Great article on Dragon*Con 2007 Star Trek Programming (“TrekTrak“) at StarTrek.com.
First of all, kudos to Eric Watts, the Dragon*Con TrekTrak director, for putting on programming worthy of this glowing review. I’ve worked with the guy since the first day of volunteering for Dragon*Con and he puts everything into his show.

Second, check out page two of the article … there are two paragraphs about Dragon*ConTV near the bottom. From the article …

In the bigger rooms where video screens were set up to aid viewing of the celebrities, between events those screens displayed a variety of clever interstitial content produced by many Dragon*Con volunteers and friends which kept the gathering audiences laughing. The content included short videos such as an infomercial for Stormtrooper school, where you learn to miss every target you fire at, or an ad for a show called “The Simple Life: Ensigns,” where two ditzy cadets beam aboard the Enterprise and say things like, “Romulans … that’s hot” …

The crew at DCTV spends a lot of effort making sure people are entertained by our videos, so this is a great compliment to their work. Plus I learned a new word reading this article … “interstitial” 🙂

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