Video Submissions are Open for 2015

Edit: well, it’s way past August 1st, so submissions are closed.

Yes, DragonConTV wants you … to make the funny.  We still produce videos to entertain the masses at Dragon Con, but if you’ve seen our past efforts you know we need all the help we can get.

Video submissions are due by August 1 for DragonConTV 2015. Please read our Video Submissions Guide and follow the link to the submission form when you’re ready to send us your comedic masterpiece.

3 Replies to “Video Submissions are Open for 2015”

  1. Hey Brian, I’ve taken a look at your Video Submissions Guide and I would like to know if there is a time limit for the videos people submit, case in point,

    Bumpers – how long should they be?
    Videos you play while the audience is waiting – how long should this be?
    Videos playing around the different hotels – how long should they be?

    All I’m looking for is just a rough guid for the different types of video. You give good Technical guidelines but I don’t see any information about video running times.

    1. Hey Jay. There are time guidelines in the … um, guidelines … but they can get lost in all that text. I’ll summarize.

      Bumpers: 30-60 seconds. Don’t build a bumper video, just send us the text. We’re picky about format and timing, so we’ll build the final product. Sorry I forgot to address that in the guidelines.

      Videos for room audience – “Your time limit is 2 minutes … 120 seconds. (not counting credits).”

      Videos for the channel – “We have a time limit on fan films and music videos – nothing longer than 10 minutes (including credits).”

      Thanks & may the farce be with you.

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