Fiver in Middle Earth

The Unexpected Journey in ‘The Hobbit’ wasn’t made by Bilbo … it was made by two of our dear friends. Read on to find out how fans helped make Melissa Kern’s Hobbit dream come true.

We at Dragon*ConTV have to thank Peter Jackson and the producers of ‘The Hobbit’ for helping Chris & Melissa Kern achieve something they’ve been trying to do for over five years … get Melissa into ‘The Hobbit’ as an extra. Melissa suffers from ALS and has been a huge supporter of The Lord of the Rings movies, along with the fan movement that followed the movie’s release.

Now that the movie has been released, TheOneRing.Net covers Chris & Melissa’s journey from fans to extras in ‘The Hobbit’. It’s an exceptional story that reminds us that fandom is family. Chris & Melissa have been friends of Dragon*ConTV since our earliest days. In fact, Melissa appeared as Frodo in one of our commercials from 2005 (Elfzyte). We can’t claim that Melissa’s experience with Dragon*ConTV helped her deal with Martin Freeman on set, but we hope their catering was better.

Reading about Melissa’s journey is one of the best presents we could get for any holiday. Even though her scene did not make the theatrical release, we look forward to seeing her journey in the extended version … along with the ability to pause int he middle and make a journey to the bathroom (these are really long movies).

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