Hey kids, we’re on Wired!

Ruth’s got us on her GeekMom blog again …

[quote]Last year I posted a few of my favorite Dragon*ConTV clips. This year I asked two of the DCTV staff, Brian Richardson and Stephen Granade, to tell GeekMom readers a little about the history (10 years!) of DCTV, how the videos get put together, and how the parodiers became the parodied.[/quote]


We’ve also got a sneak peek at our latest video … The Dead Walking. It’s just as tedious as a PBS pledge drive, but much, much shorter 🙂

Invading Balticon (sort of)

Ok, we’re not actually invading Balticon … we prefer invading virtual worlds, powered only by RedBull and an internet connection. In this case we’re spreading the goodness that is Dragon*Con with our friends in Baltimore.

Dr. Stephen Granade, Dragon*ConTV producer and actual rocket scientist, is a guest at Balticon. Check out his panels this weekend if you’re enjoying the sci-fi life in Baltimore.

Start Up The Funny Factory

Ok, it’s the tenth anniversary of Dragon*ConTV. Time to bring the funny.

It’s The Year of the Dragon according to some calendar we like better than the Mayans. A twelve year repeating cycle makes a lot more sense to computer programmers than this stone tablet predecessor to Y2K. But The Year of the Dragon also happens to usher in the ten year anniversary of our comedic experiment in fandom.

Of course we’re making more videos! But we want your help as well. Some of our producers have real jobs (and the rest are looking for one) so they can’t spend every waking moment making videos (some of us also need sleep). Check out the Dragon*ConTV Submission Guidelines and see if you want to contribute to the funny factory in 2012.

Stay funny my friends.

Digital Sadness

Due to a combination of business travel and illness, Brian Richardson had to cancel his Digital Atlanta 2011 presentation on Dragon*ConTV. This was originally scheduled for November 9th at Hudson Grille.

If you were planning to attend, we’re sorry you’ll miss out on our twisted look at social media in volunteer projects. Check out the rest of Digital Atlanta and stay tuned to more from Dragon*ConTV as we gear up for our tenth anniversary in 2012.

Dear @Blastr: Thanks for nothing

The folks at Blastr, the SyFy news site, recently posted an article explaining that zombies aren’t eating kosher.

@blastr: If you’re a zombie hoping to keep kosher … you’re out of luck! http://t.co/8JaM1ULZ

Fun, fantastic, great … Except we already did this. Last year. Let’s roll the videotape. [YouTube]

While we appreciate Blastr taking the time to do hard hitting SciFi journalism, we would appreciate a little more credit for our work.

Home from the Big Show

We’re home and mostly unpacked from Dragon*Con 2011. It was a great show and we hope our fans enjoyed the new videos. We made a lot of new friends, drank a few strange potions and even managed to get a few hours sleep each night.

New videos from 2011 will be posted this month. There’s everything from Angry Nerds and Dating Game of Thrones to our bumpers and the continuing adventures of Bob & Carl. Lots of new videos to enjoy. We might even have videos of some famous guest-type people admitting to their appreciation of Dragon*ConTV (shocking, I know).

Thanks again for all the fan love … and you can stop complaining about a lack of signal in the Marriott now (yes, we know, we’re working on a solution for 2012).