Video Submissions are Open for 2015

Edit: well, it’s way past August 1st, so submissions are closed.

Yes, DragonConTV wants you … to make the funny.  We still produce videos to entertain the masses at Dragon Con, but if you’ve seen our past efforts you know we need all the help we can get.

Video submissions are due by August 1 for DragonConTV 2015. Please read our Video Submissions Guide and follow the link to the submission form when you’re ready to send us your comedic masterpiece.

Post-Con Blues, 2012 Edition

In short, we had a blast at Dragon*Con 2012. We need sleep and a dry-cleaner who knows how to wash a kilt, but aside from that things are great. Videos will be posted soon, including links to some of the great content submitted by our fans.

The folks at Dragon*Con also have pages of notes for how 2013 will be even better, so stay tuned.