Big Bad General Grievous

If anyone had ever seen the Cartoon Network’s version of the Clone Wars, you’ll understand just how badass General Grievous is or… well… was. I mean… he kicks serious butt! But even the most ruthless of us all have a softer side as shown here. Enjoy kiddies…

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  1. Thank you for posting this gentleman’s performance. I am glad to see his effort getting some of the recognition it deserves.

    This General Grievous costume was cleverly constructed. For instance, to create the illusion of life in the false set of hands, the free fingers were attached on wobbling springs.

    I thought this was the same gentleman who created the bubbling Pimp Cthulhu in 2003, and the Dog-Alien in 2004. However it may be, I tip my hat to the creator of this Grevious.

    Be well,

  2. Thomas,

    You’re absosmurfly correct on the connection to the Dog-Alien and the AD&D Pimp Mind-Flayer and Voldo and I can’t remember what else; this year, I was the supporting Jedi in the skit.

    But WOW, Thomas, I got a one-second view of your Durge costume this past year — I kept being in the wrong place at the wrong time — and that was fantastic!

    I know Chip will very much appreciate all the kind words up here, especially from fellow costume creators who are especially qualified to judge.

    Thanks, everyone!
    a.k.a. “Jedi with a blaster”

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