Video: Masquerade 2003 Introduction

Patrick & Lucas’ second grand introduction to the best costume contest in Atlanta. This got a great reaction from the fans, along with the guys at


Edited and thrown together by Patrick Freeman
Additional Graphic Support by Lucas Leverett

Thanks to the Gang over at

Brian Wolfe
Kurt Drake
Christina Durrett
Felisa Massey
Chantee Ellis
Corey Sosner
Megan Heredia
Tiffany Massey
Jani Bruner
Sue McGee
Kathy Granneschi
Shawn Sosner
Paul Simmons
Evan Hinsey
Doc Grenade

Footage from “Trekkies”

Special thanks to Parmount and New Line Cinemas (Please don’t sue us)

2 Replies to “Video: Masquerade 2003 Introduction”

  1. Where’s the Dragon*Con food pyramid?
    Where’s all the Text fun shorts?
    (Reminding us of text video games)
    What about the ‘posters’/stills for Survivor Hoth, no smoking, or we assume you’re on fire, etc.?
    Those were great too.
    Where could I submit ideas for next year?

  2. Woo … slow down, put the coffee down …

    Food Pyramid & the rest of the text bumpers are in the 2005 Adult Swim Bumpers (just posted).

    Many of the stills are already posted here in older entries. I have a few new ones to add later this week.

    Ideas … send them to dctv [at] dragoncontv [dot] com

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