SciFi See ‘n Say [DCTV 2011]

You gotta raise your children right! Most kids will never see a farm animal, so their toys need to give them more practical information. [YouTube]

Note: these originally ran as three separate clips at Dragon*Con. We combined them into a single video for your convenience.

Produced by Dragon*ConTV for Dragon*Con 2011. We claim no rights to the original toy and aren’t offering this for sale (our off-shore workforce is unavailable for the holiday season). However we would like a few bucks if this toy with licensed Star Wars sounds shows up in a retail store near you.

One Reply to “SciFi See ‘n Say [DCTV 2011]”

  1. Now, that is something that Mattel should do, in a big licencing coup, they would get the honor of making The Star Wars See And Say Toy.

    At least George Lucas himself would personally sign his name on the dotted line of the contract and he would also have a limted number of the Star Wars See and Say toys be signed by George Lucas himself, in which one of these toys would end up causing a great bidding war at the Dragon Con Charity Auction!

    And all of this is the truth!


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