Skywalking (DCTV2005 bonus)

DCTV produced these Skywalking segments for Dragon*Con 2005 after interviewing folks from the Hothlanta Rebels camping out for the premiere of Star Wars: Episode III. They were supposed to show on the in-house television network we setup for the convention, but the system crashed after 24 hours 🙁

After the madness of Dragon*Con, Suzan and I remembered they didn’t get uploaded (whoops). So here, finally, are Star Wars fans talking about the last great film of their fandom.

Note: since there are multiple files linked in this one entry, iTunes won’t show all of the episodes in their feed.

2 Replies to “Skywalking (DCTV2005 bonus)”

  1. Whatever happened to the footage of Anakin bowing to Palpatine, and then Palpatine rips of his hood to reveal Jar Jar? The screams from AoME’s Anakin were hilarious, when all was silent upstairs and all you hear is “GGAAAAAAHHHH!!!” from the basement! Would have been hilarious to see that footage!

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