DOX News (DCTV2005)

When you need fake sci-fi news, turn to the least known source for fake news … DOX NEWS! Here’s Dragon*ConTV’s excuse to put funny text crawl at the bottom of a TV screen.

DOX News: Blernsball
DOX News: Comic Book Movie Infection
DOX News: Battlestar Disclaimer
DOX News: Ewok Oil Drilling
DOX News: Superhero Steriod Hearings
DOX News: Hot Women in Sci-Fi
DOX News: Showless
DOX News: Wolfram & Hart

Written by Brian Richardson, Stephen Granade, Shannon Brown & Michelle Levin
Produced by Brian Richardson for Dragon*ConTV 2005
Anchors: Jake Theisen, Michelle Levin, Nancy Meehan, Jason Wyatt

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