Adult Swim Bumps (DCTV2005)

From the desk of Stephen Granade comes the DCTV2005 pile’o’bumpers. They’re all here in one spectacular listing!

Ant People
Bad Google
Bar of Soap
Dark Side
Dr. Who
Food Pyramid
Giant Robots
Great Height
Jossless Fan
Lloyd Kaufman
Making Friends #1
Making Friends #2
No Stairs
Rainbow Connection
Red Shirts
Robot Chicken
Text Adventure
Stormtroopers and Barns
William Blake
Dragon*Con Quiz

All videos are encoded using Quicktime 6. Written by Stephen Granade, Shannon Brown of & Brian Richardson, with questions taken directly from Live Journal. Compiled & rendered by Stephen Granade

14 Replies to “Adult Swim Bumps (DCTV2005)”

  1. These are fantastic! DC*TV is one of my favorite parts of DragonCon. You guys did a wonderful job and thank you so much! We laughed all weekend long 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Sadly, a DVD is unlikely due to rights issues. I’m curious to know which ones you guys liked best.

    And yeah, I know the Robot Chicken idea was yours. But my genius brought it to life! Mua ha ha ha ha!

  3. Looooove these! My favorites were the balconies one and the Stairs one 😛

    Is it my imagination or was there one something like “things to do while waiting for an elevator” ec) mend eye wounded by fairy wing? I could have sworn i saw it at the con, but i cant find it here. I would love to see it again.

  4. I’m currently editing my DragonCon 2005 photos (yeah, yeah, so I’m running 2.5 years behind), and I got to the ones of being way up high on the top floor of one of the hotels, making fun of the ant people, as famously suggested to us by dragoncon tv. But I’m this obsessively compulsive labeler of all my photos, and I couldn’t remember which hotel that was again anymore. And so Google led me here. Man, am I glad for having such a bad memory! It’s awesome to see these shorts again. They really captured the con for me.
    Great memories! Thanks for providing these! 🙂

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