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  1. That song is by Tony Goldmark (playing Harry), from his CD “Rage Against The Mundane”, which is available at http://www.tonygoldmark.com . It was the #2 most requested song of 2004 on “The Dr. Demento Show”.

    He was assisted by yours truly, the great Luke Ski (playing Malfoy), a fellow “Dr. Demento Show” artist, and Dragon*Con 2005’s Masquerade half-time entertainment! You can hear my stuff at http://www.LukeSki.com . See you in Atlanta! 🙂

  2. I gotta say I had the hardest time keeping the camera still during this ENTIRE song! Hope you guys don’t mind us posting it and thanks for giving us the credits on who to give proper props to. It’s hard for us to get that information sometimes because of everything that happens ALL AT ONCE! Glad to see you guys here though! (let us know if you have plans for new stuff wink wink nudge nudge)

  3. Well, I don’t want to speak on Tony’s behalf, but I will say he has a new hilarious DVD out now called “Rage Against The Mundane”, which you can pick up at his website mentioned earlier.

    I am working on my next CD “Un-convention-al”, which will be out in June (hopefully) and will feature songs about Star Wars (Eps 3 & 4), Firefly, SpongeBob, and more. So you’ll see that and my previous hits like “Stealing Like A Hobbit”, “Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues”, “What’s Up Spock?”, “Fanboy”, and more at my big half-time show at the D*C 2005 Masquerade!

    So keep in practice on your filming skills, cause I’ll be all over the place! 🙂 Thanks again!

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