2004 Blooper Reel

So we made a few mistakes 😮 big deal. Dragon*ConTV presents our 2004 Blooper & Behind the Scenes footage.

Warning: Since we weren’t always at our best when making mistakes, this video does contain some crude language and bad behavior (but, fortunately for our tender viewers, no nudity). Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

9 Replies to “2004 Blooper Reel”

  1. A big thank you to all of you for keeping us entertained when other (less important!) things were late….loved the blooper reel!
    Go Zombies! And big, German pregnant, um…ladies! And you know, your news anchors are not only better looking than most other station’s, but are probably better informed.
    Anyhoo, thanks, Brian & Co.

  2. Brian, Patrick, et al — you owe me a new laptop (I’ve just spewed Diet Coke all over this one).

    See? I TOLD you honey buns were a good idea.

    PS. Thriller? HILARIOUS.

  3. Pretty funny. I did the full thriller dance once…well 4 times…on a moving trailer during a home coming parade. I memorized it from the video and everything. I got to wear ragged, stinky clothes that were dragged through the parking lots of a college campus *shudder* by car. You should try it going up hill, lol.

  4. Errr…the text by the link says “75mb,” but am currently downloading only one file of 26.5mb. Did additional compression take place, or am I missing some files here?

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