Nobody’s Perfect (blooper reel)

Of course we don’t get everything right the first time … or the second … heck, we use a lot of videotape making these short videos. Here’s some of the stuff we cut out over the past few years in an effort to make us look less idiotic (didn’t work, but we had to try).
Rather than just make it a blooper reel, our editor tries to show you what Dragon*ConTV has learned from our mistakes. We should all be geniuses by now …

These outtakes are from videos shot in 2007 & 2008. Unlike our normal videos, this contains a few choice moments of profanity and one moment that will disturb any lover of American sports cars. Seriously, it’s worse than Cash for Clunkers.

2 Replies to “Nobody’s Perfect (blooper reel)”

  1. The alien comments is someone’s CINGULAR cellphone going off or getting a text, those phones are notorius for making noises on video and computer audio equipment.

    Alexander Scott

  2. It’s imposing to edit all that old footage together, but you pulled it off very well. I love the credit reel as well. I just feel bad for the classic car. 🙁 Sadness but I still laughed.

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