Room Party Cleanup (bumper)

Brian is shocked. Nobody used the e-mail address to tell us where the extra booze was. I guess you drank it all (sniff).

Produced for Dragon*Con 2007 by the sober staff of Dragon*ConTV

Written By: Stephen Granade
Music By: Ploki Sarken
Song Title: CuzICan

3 Replies to “Room Party Cleanup (bumper)”

  1. it got posted on the D*Con LJs, but I’m sorry I didn’t email you guys strait away, that was my bad. I got into drinking early and had to have a minion do all the contacting people stuff, and he was drinking too 🙁

    on the up side, only a little booze made it home, some mead and some of out Blue Stuff. I still need to get rid of it though, if you guys are bored. or yea, and I need to spend some sober time figuring out how to embed this one in our group site, since it’s awesome 🙂

    and next year, email a phone number in advance, I did manage to drunk-dial a lot of people (or at Chattacon or Frolicon or anywhere else my peoples happen to show up)

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