Pirates Ninjas Klingons Stormtroopers (bumper)

Pirates … Ninjas … Klingons … Stormtroopers … let’s put all of them together in one bumper to settle a showdown of ultimate sci-fi destiny.

Produced for Dragon*Con 2007 by Dragon*ConTV ninjas that you can’t see hiding in the trees behind your house

Written By: Stephen Granade (he can’t hit the broadside of a barn)
Music By: Gerador Zero (who made this music with the honor of the Empire)
Song Title: Fu*kin’ Rock! (cc version, even pirates don’t need to steal this music)

One Reply to “Pirates Ninjas Klingons Stormtroopers (bumper)”

  1. What about Cobra Ninja Warriors. Think about it! Not just your run of the mill Ninjas, but Corporate Employee Ninjas. It’s like ‘The Office’ meets ‘The Master’.

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