Stargate SG1 vs. Atlantis (DCTV2006)

Have you seen those darn “I’m a Mac & I’m a PC” commercials? The folks at DCTV have, and they’re driving us nuts. So we had to make fun of them. Here’s a sneak-peek at Dragon*ConTV 2006.

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  1. sure would be better if it had captions, or an interpreter somewhere in a little bubble… That way ALL of our attendees could get the joke. ::grin::

    Disability Services

  2. Well … I don’t have the time to create subtitles for every video we have, and I don’t want to put permanent subtitles on the videos (so folks aren’t forced to see the subtitles if they don’t want them).

    So there’s a file format (.srt) that allows subtitles to be downloaded as a file & merged with the videos (using software like VLC Player).

    If you create & submit .srt files for the DCTV videos, I’ll host them & link them to the video entries 🙂 Here’s a sample …

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