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Inviting Grace Park [DCTV 2012]

Now that we have the internet back from all that election nonsense, we can talk about what’s really important … getting autographs from stars of cancelled TV series!

Written & Produced by Stephen Granade.
Music: Goddess of Dance {Trance} by Lorens4444.
Question asked by amelia_80.

Dear @Blastr: Thanks for nothing

The folks at Blastr, the SyFy news site, recently posted an article explaining that zombies aren’t eating kosher.

@blastr: If you’re a zombie hoping to keep kosher … you’re out of luck! http://t.co/8JaM1ULZ

Fun, fantastic, great … Except we already did this. Last year. Let’s roll the videotape. [YouTube]

While we appreciate Blastr taking the time to do hard hitting SciFi journalism, we would appreciate a little more credit for our work.

Angry Nerds [DCTV 2011]

What happens when write-in campaigns don’t go far enough to save a show? What does a nerd do when they turn comic books into horrible movies? Where does a geek turn for revenge against the entertainment industry? To video games, of course. [YouTube]

It’s the next big thing in mobile gaming from dragoncontv.com

Olmos the Inventor (DCTV2009)

We really missed Edward James Olmos (“Eddy”) at Dragon*Con 2009, but he was off making “The Plan” for SyFy. At Dragon*Con 2008 he told us he basically invented SciFi (not SyFy), so we made this tribute to his inventive nature.

Olmos the Inventor, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Zero Gravity (original mix) by Redmann (Creative Commons)