Safety Message [DCTV 2010]

When at Dragon*Con, please use caution when picking conversational topics. The things you say can cause problems if you’re not careful. This safety video by Alex White will help you pick safe conversation topics.

Produced for Dragon*Con 2010 by Dragon*ConTV.

Vaderex [DCTV 2010]

We have to be honest … the first time we heard about midichlorians they sounded like a sexually transmitted disease. Of course, you need a pill for that.

Produced for Dragon*Con 2010 by Dragon*ConTV

Keeping Up With the Cardassians (DCTV2009)

Dragon*ConTV always likes feedback from the audience, but sometimes your jokes are not the jokes we can make on our limited/invisible budget.

Written by John Carroll and Stephen Granade.
Produced by Stephen Granade for Dragon*ConTV 2009.
Music: Tzu – Can’t Stop Tzunami (Creative Commons)

Trek Support (DCTV2009)

What happens when your sci-fi franchise isn’t performing like it used to? Do what any modern citizen of the world does … call tech support. Produced for Dragon*ConTV 2009.

Dragon*ConTV must note that this video is fiction. Not only is it improbable that an actual tech support person would be this helpful or friendly, but this call was never routed outside of the United States. Any hold time experienced will be part of the 45 minute directors cut.