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Home from the Big Show

We’re home and mostly unpacked from Dragon*Con 2011. It was a great show and we hope our fans enjoyed the new videos. We made a lot of new friends, drank a few strange potions and even managed to get a few hours sleep each night.

New videos from 2011 will be posted this month. There’s everything from Angry Nerds and Dating Game of Thrones to our bumpers and the continuing adventures of Bob & Carl. Lots of new videos to enjoy. We might even have videos of some famous guest-type people admitting to their appreciation of Dragon*ConTV (shocking, I know).

Thanks again for all the fan love … and you can stop complaining about a lack of signal in the Marriott now (yes, we know, we’re working on a solution for 2012).

Sci-Fi Janitors: Vampires [DCTV 2010]

We got so distracted watching the new Sci-Fi Janitors YouTube Channel that we forgot we still have Bob & Carl videos from Dragon*ConTV 2010. Plus we’ve been playing a lot of Call of Latrine Duty: Black Mops. Anyway, here’s our yellow friends talking about vampires …

Produced for Dragon*Con 2010 by Dragon*ConTV
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