Hey kids, we’re on Wired!

Ruth’s got us on her GeekMom blog again …

[quote]Last year I posted a few of my favorite Dragon*ConTV clips. This year I asked two of the DCTV staff, Brian Richardson and Stephen Granade, to tell GeekMom readers a little about the history (10 years!) of DCTV, how the videos get put together, and how the parodiers became the parodied.[/quote]


We’ve also got a sneak peek at our latest video … The Dead Walking. It’s just as tedious as a PBS pledge drive, but much, much shorter 🙂

I’m on a Blog! (Houston Press Interview)

I’m on a Blimp” makes it all the way to Houston, thanks to Jef and the Houston Press “Rocks Off” blog

So as long as we’re transporting modern improvements into the past, why not take The Lonely Island’s acclaimed “I’m on a Boat!” and set it on an airship amidst satin coats and corsets? Should we throw Boba Fett into the video as well? Honestly, we can’t see any reason not to. That’s just what Dragon*ConTV did.

Jef does a short interview with Brian Richardson from Dragon*ConTV about the video and our thoughts on steampunk. Enjoy!

DCTV in the AJC

Thanks to Phil Kloer at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Dragon*ConTV gets some attention from the mainstream media in the AJC’s Peach Buzz

When Brian Richardson of Loganville heard the news that a company will launch a line of “Star Trek” colognes soon (as reported March 26 in the AJC), his reaction was, “Wait a minute. Didn’t we already do that?” Indeed, Richardson and his friends did a hilarious video and showed it at DragonCon, the massive Atlanta sci-fi convention, back in 2005. They even used the exact name of one of the real colognes: Pon Farr, the Vulcan mating ritual. Whereas the new Pon Farr is real and costs $30 a bottle, Richardson came up with the same idea while “sitting around drinking and talking about ridiculous ideas with friends.” The fake ad, a spoof of Calvin Klein Obsession ads of years past, stars Jason Wyatt and Michele Levin as the sexy Vulcans.

Now that we’re part of the mainstream media, we expect to be attacked by Rush Limbaugh at any minute. Thanks AJC!