Olmos the Inventor (DCTV2009)

We really missed Edward James Olmos (“Eddy”) at Dragon*Con 2009, but he was off making “The Plan” for SyFy. At Dragon*Con 2008 he told us he basically invented SciFi (not SyFy), so we made this tribute to his inventive nature.

Olmos the Inventor, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Zero Gravity (original mix) by Redmann (Creative Commons)

Killer M’s (DCTV2009)

It’s time for another virtual showdown between Dragon*Con guests. This episode is sponsored by the letter M.

Produced & Written by Stephen Granade for Dragon*Con 2009
Music: Side B – Squareshot by Cixxx J (Creative Commons)

Killer Kates (DCTV2009)

Time for another Dragon*Con guest smackdown! It’s Kate on Kate virtual violence.

Produced by Stephen Granade, Written by Jessica Sheffield
Music: Side B – Squareshot by Cixxx J (Creative Commons)

Bedroom Tigh (DCTV2009)

People ask us how we made so many Battlestar Galactica jokes this year. Simple … we have to much Tigh on our hands (groan). Here’s a different Tigh joke to wipe that one from your memory.

Resurrection Ship (DCTV2009)

Religion is a big deal in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica … and that means there must be a lot of door-to-door religion on Caprica. I wonder if Col. Tigh can sleep in on a Sunday without getting a knock on his door? Produced for Dragon*ConTV 2009