Signs You’ve Been Working Dragon*Con For Too Long

Here’s how Brian can tell he’s been working Dragon*Con staff for too long …

  1. Brian sees there is a new “Image of the Day” posted on
  2. Brian views the photo (shown below, courtesy of imgur)
    Image of the Day: The way Miss America should really look
  3. Brian immediately notices this photo was taken in front of the Marriott Marquis, to the left of the main lobby entrance, so it must have been taken at Dragon*Con.
  4. Brian *then* notices the beautiful woman in an excellent costume
  5. Brian sends the photo link to Crispy, explaining how steps 1-4 show his visual priorities have been skewed over the years working at a large sci-fi con.
  6. Crispy also immediately knows where the photo was taken, points our other Dragon*Con volunteers in the background (hello Nancy), then comments on how good the woman looks in costume.


We can’t wait for Dragon*Con 2011 🙂

5 Replies to “Signs You’ve Been Working Dragon*Con For Too Long”

  1. Don’t feel too bad. I have the reputation of looking at Con photos and knowing which ones were taken at Dragon*Con by looking at the carpet or flooring.

  2. You’ve just make me feel sooooo much better, I thought something was wrong with me due to my “order of operations” towards that pic.

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