Geek Cred (bumper)

Dragon*ConTV is making fun of the geek/nerd population … but this “adult swim” bumper explains that we’re part of the crowd that’s being picked on, so it’s okay.

Written By: Stephen Granade
Music By: Kim and Michael Bowe

Fandom Feast (bumper)

Somebody asked Dragon*ConTV which fandom would be eaten first if Dragon*Con 2006 got trapped on an island. For some reason, this bumper always makes me hungry.

Written By: Stephen Granade
Music By: mattwihede
Song Title: Remember the Name (Air Forrest Remix) (Instrumental Version)

Dear Stargate SG1 (bumper)

So Stephen and I were talking about the demise of Stargate: SG1, and he had one of those “ah” moments that lead to this bumper. Of course, the audience goes “awwwww” when they see it live at Dragon*Con … it’s so wrong, but it’s so true.
Written By: Stephen Granade
Music By: Saelynh
Song Title: Haelys

Dealers Room (bumper)

If Dragon*ConTV had a budget, we would have blown it in the dealers room. Another “adult swim” style bumper from Dragon*Con 2006.
Written By: Shannon Brown
Music By: EJG
Song Title: This Time With Soul!