Slice of SciFi, Podcasts & DCTV

The most excellent Slice of SciFi podcast features an audio promo for Dragon*ConTV in Episode 65. Michael, Evo & Summer might even feature an interview with yours truly on an episode between now & Dragon*Con 2006.

If you’re visiting because of the promo, then welcome. Stay a while & download some videos … but please keep your feet off of the furniture.

Thanks to Summer’s kick-ass mystic podcast knowledge, I have installed PodPress to handle DCTV’s WordPress media needs. This cleans up some aspects of our RSS/Atom feeds and adds a media player that plays videos within the webpage (not on all of our videos, but most … give me time).

We’re in the home stretch of DCTV2006 … this weekend is another chance to tape footage, refine our lame jokes & review the pile’o’bits we have so far. Stay tuned for more.

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