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Hello there kids. DCTV “fearless leader” & part-time pixel manipulator Brian Richardson here to answer common questions I see in the dragoncontv.com comments.

First of all, thanks to everyone who enjoyed our Dragon*Con videos and took the time to make a comment, send an e-mail, tell a friend, post to LiveJournal or link to our site. We’ve been getting 2-4GB of traffic per day since Dragon*Con 2005 ended, which means somebody out there is downloading a few videos.

Now on to answering some common questions, which I will eventually make part of the site FAQ.


Dragon*ConTV will not be selling DVDs. We have had a lot of requests for them, which is flattering, but we can’t do it for a number of reasons. The two biggest are legal issues which affect the genres we’re spoofing & some of the things we use to create the videos.

Even though most of what we do should be protected under parody/satire, several companies that hold trademarks for famous sci-fi franchises have a habit of suing first & asking questions later. Frankly, we don’t have the money to pay lawyers to make them go away (even if we are clearly in this for good fun).

Most of the “fan film” world operates well on the “created for free” model … Lucasfilm is actually amicable towards people who do this for fun. Check out other “fan film” sites and you’ll see a similar explaination of why they don’t want to enter the for-profit universe.

DCTV also uses a number of 3D models, pictures & music elements that are “free for non-commercial use” … meaning we enter a world of financial & legal liability if we sell them.

Plus, let’s be honest … we’re doing this for kicks. Most of the staff has a job in the so-called real world (some of them better than others), and turning it into a business venture takes some of the fun out of it.

DCTV might release higher resolution videos in RatDVD or DiVX 6 format with menus, so you have something that feels like a DVD. That will be a while, since the staff is still catching up on sleep and defragmenting the hard drives on the editing computer (crunch, crunch, crunch).

Still, we do spend money on the project, which leads me to the next point …

Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising …

DCTV quality would be vastly improved if we had a few extra bucks … it would still be beneath that of a SciFi Channel “Movie of the Week”, but we’ll take what we can get. We have discussed creating some trinkets to sell on-line to fund our video habit (t-shirts, lanyards, hats, sub-atomic particle demodulators, etc.). The proceeds would go into a general fund for costumes, sets & props. The proceeds would not go to keg parties or conferences in the Virgin Islands (unless you specifically earmark funds for that cause … Delta could use the business).

We’re still sorting out the details of how to fund the operation without looking like Enron at the end of the day. It may be a few months before it’s all worked out.

Syndication Feeds

Too much time on your hands? LiveJournal not angsty enough for you? Want to get the latest DCTV updates? Then make use of the dragoncontv.com syndication feeds … look under the “search” box on the right side of the webpage.

So, DCTV 2006 … what’s up with that?

In the past, DCTV took a hiatus from September to January … mostly due to the demands of many spouses. We cleverly fixed the spousal objections by making them part of the staff (my wife edits video, Stephen’s wife makes logos & Amy’s husband built a sweet teleprompter).

Yes, resistance is futile …

So planning for DCTV 2006 begins in October 2005 … yeah, a few weeks from now. E-mail me [dctv at dragoncontv dot com] if you think this might be your particular type of insanity.

Item n++

Actually, I’ve run out of stuff to blab about … carry on with your normal routine …

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