Notes from Dragon*Con 2005

Well, let’s talk about conventions & entropy.

Dragon*ConTV is having some technical issues with our in-house hotel programming. Our “automated playback system” looked better on paper than it turned out to be. The 60 hours of programming (movies, shorts, etc.) Johnathan & I worked on arranging has been taken off the hotel channels due to the playback system instability.

This does not affect any live broadcasts within the hotels, like Dawn & the Masquerade.

We’ve also been off the interwebchatnet for a few days (withdrawl is painful), so the new 2005 content is also not posted yet. That will happen after we get some sleep.

In summary … entropy sucks.

2 Replies to “Notes from Dragon*Con 2005”

  1. Wow, Dragon Con 2005 was a blast. I moved to Atlanta about 10 weeks ago, picked up a Loaf, and was reminded of DragonCon. Holy crap I haven’t been in 9 years! Well It was fun as hell, and I’m can’t wait for next year.

    Nice going to the organizers. The only thing is that they need to publsh a detail schedule of events on the web by day & hotel & room. Not by Tracks. I missed Dean Hagland. Damn! But I did gett
    Lloyd Kaufman lecture.

    Remember Tony Spelled backwards is Y Not.

  2. Dragon*con 05 was great. I wish we could have a DVD to laugh out loud with our friends you missed it. (and point at them and say -look at what you missed!) We had a great time and are planning next year’s Dragon*con. I hope you can sell DVD’s at the Dragon*con store so when everyone leaves, they can show it off, on what a great job you all did. If you put out a request for actors for extras, I’m sure you could get some help for fresh faces or sexy voice overs. Thanks for making our wait time at the Firefly/Serenity panels so much more enjoyable. Keep it up. I can’t wait for next year to see if you can out do this year.
    Good luck.

    Dark Rhino

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