The con is when?!?

Two weeks before Dragon*Con, but I’m not ready to panic yet. Really.

Yes, most folks expect the Dragon*ConTV executive producer to be pulling his hair out & screaming like Kirk trapped in an underground cave.


But no, this is not the case. Yes, there is still work to be done. Yes, I have many long nights of editing & DVD burning before Labor Day. But thanks to the l33t skillz of the DCTV staff, we’re in darn good shape.

There will be new funny for Dragon*Con 2005, and it will be posted here the day the convention starts (unlike last year when I wasn’t as prepared for 10,000+ hits per day during the con).

Sit back, catch up on your sleep … we’ll see you at Dragon*Con.

One Reply to “The con is when?!?”

  1. GREAT JOB!!
    Must say that Elfzyte* was quite the “funny”. Even the teenager enjoyed it, and that’s saying something!

    can’t wait till next year!

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