DCTV Wants Your Photos!

Ladies & gentlemen, it’s time to launch the audience partcipation portion of DCTV 2005 … a segment we like to call “magic moments”. This will require a little help from you, the faithful Dragon*Con convention attendee.

DCTV wants to create a slideshow series called “magic moments”, which will be run between major events at Dragon*Con 2005. So DCTV needs amusing photos from past Dragon*Cons.

If you have a photo you would like to share, please e-mail it to photos at dragoncontv dot com.

  • Photos should be submitted in JPEG or PNG file formats
  • Please keep photo sizes reasonable (larger that 640×480 pixels, but under 1MB size … our mailboxes ain’t that big)
  • Please keep in mind that the photo you have submitted may or may not be used in a 2005 DCTV video segment or on the dragoncontv.com website. That means lots of people may see it, so choose your photo wisely.
  • Photos may be rejected for poor image quality or poor taste. DCTV does reserve the right to reject photos that are deemed unshowable in public (we’re trying to keep our PG rating here).
  • No doctored photos or “photoshopped” pics … we want honest pics of things that really happened at Dragon*Con.
  • The wacky folks at DCTV may also add captions to the photo … kind of like subtitling (which is way better than overdubbing). Let us know if you have a suggested caption.

Our mail system will send an auto-reply when the photo is submitted (we got it on the cheap at a Japanese eBay auction, it’s a little quirky but very polite), but we can’t guarantee we’ll notify you that the photo will (or will not) be used. You’ll just have to watch DCTV at Dragon*Con 2005 to find out (we call that a “teaser” in the TV biz).

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