The Post-Con Blues

Wow, is it Tuesday already. It’s so hard to believe Dragon*Con 2010 is over … except when I look at all of these kilts that need to be laundered.

We here at Dragon*ConTV had a fantastic time entertaining (or trying to entertain) the fans this year. We’ve had a massive amount of feedback on this year’s content. Thanks for all of the kind words, it’s encouraging to know that we can be fairly funny when we put our minds to it.

To help you get over the post-con blues, we will be posting the rest of the DCTV 2010 content. This includes all of the “Bob and Carl: SciFi Janitors” videos, the “adult swim style” bumpers, the new “I’m on a Blimp” music video, an epic introduction for the Masquerade and our usual pile of fake movie trailers and slightly unreasonable commercial parodies.

Make a lot of free time, because Dragon*ConTV produced over an hour of new material in 2010. It’s coming your way on this website, our Twitter feed (@dragoncontv), Facebook, YouTube and iTunes.

And yes, we’re already planning for DCTV 2011 … once we get some sleep.

9 Replies to “The Post-Con Blues”

  1. “Bob and Carl: SciFi Janitors” were the best, but you shoulda played captain kirk is climbing a mountain, or at least the music for the final countdown seeing as it is ALSO now stuck in my head.
    (do doo doo*doooo)

  2. You certainly succeeded in being highly entertaining! Several times there was noticable groans of disappointment when a bumper or other segment was cut off halfway through to get ready for the panel we were there to actually see 😛 Bob and Carl were a wonderful new addition and I hope they continue to appear! I wouldn’t be surprised to see some Bob and Carl costumes next year 🙂

  3. I loved Bob and Carl. My roommate and I are planning on making Bob and Carl costumes.

    My only question is about the parade coverage. Will that be made available? I was told I had a lot of face time on the camera (I was a Klingon) but I wasn’t able to watch the broadcast because I was participating in the Star Trek world record.

    1. Chris: yes, we plan to put up the parade later this month. It may not be on the website but it will be available on some Dragon*Con related website.

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