Channel 16 Action News: Credits

We’re getting ready to post the three-part Channel 16 Action News as QuickTime videos. Here’s the credits for all the folks that volunteered to help wth this project …

Written & Produced By – Brian Richardson
Contributing Writer – Amy Qualls-McClure
Contributing Writer – Joyce Lanterman
Contributing Writer – Patrick Freeman
Contributing Writer – Stephen Granade
Slade Branaugh, News Anchor – Stephen Granade
Kitty M. Moral, News Anchor – Katharine Morrill
Jim Peterson, Weatherman – Jason Wyatt
William McNasty, Sports Anchor – Jody Jordan
Farmer Bo MacDonald – Jeff McClure
Joyce Lanterman, Field Reporter – Joyce Lanterman
Man with guns in Spaceport Security – Brian Richardson
Security Guard in Spaceport – Jason Wyatt
Hugh Target, Field Reporter – Thomas Kerns
Jar-Jar Binks – Brian Richardson
Alien – Jason Wyatt
Alien – Jeff McClure
Zombie – Patrick Freeman
Videography – Brian Richardson
Videography – Patrick Freeman
Lighting – Patrick Freeman
Phaser/Blaster Effects – Patrick Freeman
Graphics – Amy Qualls-McClure
Graphics & WDCN Logo – Lucas Leverett
Video Editing – Brian Richardson
Voiceovers – Brian Richardson
Music –
Technical Adviser – Patrick Freeman
Props – Thomas Kerns
Behind-the-scenes photos – Amy Qualls-McClure
Behind-the-scenes videos – Starlady
Catering Services – Starlady
Thanks To – Dragon*Con
Thanks To – Dragon*Con TechOps Staff
Thanks To – Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Thanks To – Pat Henry (Chairman, Dragon*Con)
Thanks To – Bill Harrison (Senior Director, Dragon*Con Program Operations)
Thanks To – Suzan Richardson
Thanks To – Misty Granade
Thanks To – Sean Morrill
Thanks To –

After production, we discovered that there really is a WDCN TV station (a PBS affiliate in Nashville). It’s only fair to point out they are in no way connected to Dragon*Con or Dragon*ConTV. Our use of their call letters is an accident & is most likely not endorsed by their management. We’ll be more careful next time 🙂

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  1. I can’t help but be amused that I am the only person in this credits list who is listed by their badge name.

    Not that I care either way, mind you — I just think it’s funny. 🙂

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