What’s up with SyFy?

In the past few years, I have seen Dragon*ConTV transform from a small team of video producers to the de facto authority on stupid decisions in the realm science fiction and fantasy.

Prime example: when the Sci Fi Channel recently announced their SyFy rebranding, everyone started asking us what we thought of the idea.

Of course people are asking what we think … it’s obviously a bad marketing move. This rebranding is trying to expand the Sci Fi SyFy audience outside of the “nerd demographic,” but it will do little more than alienate the stations core viewing audience (assuming it has one beyond Battlestar Galactica & wrestling).

So it may surprise most readers that we here at Dragon*ConTV salute the move.

Yes, that’s right, we endorse the station’s latest stupid marketing move.

Of course, I shall explain.

In the past we have made hay from the lack of science fiction on the 21st century incarnation of the Sci Fi Channel. Even back in 2006 we saw the shift from “killer scifi shows” to “whatever NBC doesn’t want” … since then it’s been hard to make fun of them for staying that course.

But now … now there’s this new name. There’s all kinds of humor to be found in a name that’s designed to broaden their audience outside of nerd-fandom, but at the same time was picked because it’s easier to send via text message (no, I didn’t make that up, it’s based on a quote from the article).

For the general Sci Fi SyFy audience, it nothing but FAIL. But for comedy writers, and people at Dragon*ConTV that pretend to be comedy writers a few times a year, it’s pure single-malt 24 karat WIN! It’s like a comedy stimulus package that didn’t use taxpayer money … something that appeals to Libertarians and Firefly fans.

So keep up the bad marketing good work SyFy … just make all of your bad decisions in time for Dragon*Con 2009, because we need more ideas for videos.

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