Dragon*Con 2008 is about to begin!

Hello kids, Brian Richardson here … fearless leader of Dragon*ConTV and videography director for Dragon*Con. I’d like to welcome you all to the impending doom/joy/nuthouse that is Dragon*Con 2008. Read on for important notes regarding this year’s Dragon*Con …
If you are unfamilair with Dragon*ConTV, we serve several semi-official functions at the convention:

  1. Entertaining the masses in between panels and prior to major events
  2. Broadcasting live convention events to all four convention hotels (Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton & Sheraton)
  3. Running pre-recorded events, Dragon*ConTV content, fan films and other interesting videos to all four convention hotels .

This is the first year Dragon*ConTV will be live broadcasting more than just the Masquerade … several large events from the Hyatt Centenninial II/III ballroom will be available for viewing in your hotel room, along with tape-delayed events from the Hyatt Regency 6/7 and Marriott Atrium ballrooms. Check the Dragon*Con 2008 Pocket Program for the current schedule.

If When the schedule changes, check the Daily Dragon for the latest version of convention events.

Our hotel channel programming will be … well … varied. Live events, rebroadcast events, fan films, clips from the 2007 Dragon*Con DVDs and Dragon*ConTV clips will be beamed into the convention hotels. You don’t have to leave your room to experience Dragon*Con 2008, but we do encourage it from time to time.
Of course, Dragon*ConTV has our usual brand of humor available in the registration line, before major programming events, on your hotel television and in Quicktime format on dragoncontv.com. Subscribe to our RSS feed or look us up in iTunes to get the latest content.

Want to keep up with us at con? Subscribe to DragonConTV on Twitter for updates anywhere.

That’s it for now. Have fun & enjoy the convention.

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