Post-Convention Sleep Disorder

Now that the convention is over, we can return to sleeping 🙂

Brian Richardson here … Dragon*Con videography director & executive producer for Dragon*ConTV. The entire Dragon*ConTV crew appreciates all of the compliments and support we got for this year’s crop of new videos. Since we did not have great internet access at the convention (or the time to login) I will be posting videos this week as we unpack from Dragon*Con 2007.

Yes, we will post the Sithbusters intro to the Masquerade, our music video for Jonathan Coulton’s “Re Your Brains”, the Wii Safety Video and much more.

We had a blast and hope our videos made the convention’s long lines a bit more bearable. Thanks & we will see you again in 2008.

3 Replies to “Post-Convention Sleep Disorder”

  1. I did not stay at D*C but loved the small doses of DCTV that aired before panels began and in various other places. Is there any hope for an anthology, either as a big torrent or a DVD? I see the videos should all be available separately, but I’m lazy

  2. Chris: The 2007 Masquerade will be available on DVD from the store at in a few months.

    Jamie: Thanks, we’re glad you enjoyed it. I am working on a torrent. There is a way to “cheat” and get all of the videos (see the FAQ), but you may want to wait a few days … all of the 2007 videos aren’t on-line yet.

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