Thanks Dave

This post isn’t about our funny videos. This is a thank you to Atlanta’s Dave FM.

Atlanta is going through “FM Radio Station Tango” right now, and one of the stations changing formats is 92.9 Dave FM. Saturday (September 29, 2012) is their last day on the air. After that there’s a few weeks of DJ-free radio as they move to a sports-talk format. This is pretty common in the world of radio, but Dave FM deserves mention for several reasons.

First and foremost, Dave FM was a big supporter of Dragon*Con. The DJs not only talked about the convention … they attended the convention. They even ran a feature on Dragon*ConTV in 2011 (I’m not linking to it because the station website may not be around for very long).

Second, we have to give some credit to station management … not for changing the format, but for allowing the DJs to say goodbye to their audience. Many radio stations change formats in the dark of night, giving their staff pink slips on Friday and launching a “new station” on Monday. Radio is a very personal format, where fans connect to their favorite personalities. That’s something we understand at Dragon*Con, since we make the same personal connection with volunteers, guests and attendees.

This long goodbye is unprecedented in Atlanta radio. I’ve been covering the scene for 11 years and virtually every format change has been quick. Jocks were fired with no warning. The music just changed with no ceremony. What makes this one different, says Mark Kanov – who ran Star 94 for many years until 2008 and is now retired – is that CBS is changing the format to talk.

He said it’s such a drastic change, CBS has no expectation to keep all the music lovers around. So they are respecting the Dave FM fans, in a sense, by giving the jocks a real chance to say goodbye. It’s bittersweet, of course. But the bosses trust the DJs to be respectful themselves on air. “It’s a cool way to do it,” Kanov said.

Rodney Ho, AJC (2012-09-25)

Dave FM is using their last on-air days to help Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, then they’re saying goodbye on Saturday. From one group of fans to another, good luck as you head to your next endeavor.

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