… and now we sleep

Dragon*Con 2006 was a blast! We at Dragon*ConTV had a great time, and we thank all con-goers for their kind comments. Apparently our silly videos were well received, so now we’re just encouraged to do it all again in 2007.

The 2006 videos will be posted over the next few days (there’s a lot of them). We need sleep, so please be patient. Subscribe to the RSS feed so you’re notified when new content arrives.
If you have any feedback (good or bad) for our merry band of video fools, please e-mail me (dctv at dragoncontv dot com).

4 Replies to “… and now we sleep”

  1. Dear DCTV,
    Your merry band of video fools made my band of drunken idiots grin from the time we started waiting for the panel to start till the time we passed out. Thanks so much for your brand of poke fun at yourself humor. Now we just gotta figure out how to put monitors displaying DCTV in front of elevators!

    Sorry for the poor sentence structure, we need sleep too…

    Looking forward to ’07
    Lord Alc

    P.S. More Cthulhu remarks!…Personally, I think the great Old One himself would giggle a time or two at the rainbow song. IA! IA!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for DC*TV! I only got to see a few clips pre-masquerade, but as usual, they were hilarious. DC*TV rocks! m/

    Now if only you could provide sense-of-humor transplants to some of those so-serious masqueraders . . .

  3. A fantastic job! As I already stated over in LJ, it was so nice to be able to just take some downtime in the room and still feel like a part of the Con. You guys did great!

    Now, for 2007…

    more more more more MORE!! =)

  4. Camera pans and stops on a guy getting up off the floor.

    He mumbles: “The voices! They said I must leave a comment now.”

    Camera shows him somehow getting into the chair in front of the computer.

    Incomprehensible mumbling coming from the guy at the computer, suddenly he exclaims loudly: “Is it really 2006?”

    Camera pans to DragonConTV playing on the computer.

    Guy says, “Oh, now I understand.”

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