The Dead Walking [DCTV 2012]

What happens when those tote-bag toting folks at PBS decide to cover the zombie apocalypse? You’re in for twenty five hours of slow pans across photographs, followed by a fund raiser concert from Celtic Zombie Woman.

Written & Produced by Brian Richardson for Dragon*ConTV 2012. More videos for viewers like you can be found at

Hey kids, we’re on Wired!

Ruth’s got us on her GeekMom blog again …

[quote]Last year I posted a few of my favorite Dragon*ConTV clips. This year I asked two of the DCTV staff, Brian Richardson and Stephen Granade, to tell GeekMom readers a little about the history (10 years!) of DCTV, how the videos get put together, and how the parodiers became the parodied.[/quote]

We’ve also got a sneak peek at our latest video … The Dead Walking. It’s just as tedious as a PBS pledge drive, but much, much shorter 🙂

It’s That Time of Year

Yes, it’s that time of year my friends … we’re about to preview videos from Dragon*ConTV 2012. That means Dragon*Con 2012 is right around the corner. We’re super excited!

Our first Dragon*ConTV 2012 video will premiere tomorrow on Wired. Look for our interview with Ruth Suehle on the GeekMom blog. We’ll also post new content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and the always lovable