QR Code [DCTV 2011]

Hey, grab your cell phone … we have something you need to try. [YouTube]

Written by Brian Richardson.
Music: Peril: T-Minus, by mr-jazzman; Summer Solace {durn}, by durn (creative commons)

Poor Economy [DCTV 2011]

We’ve had some funding problems due to the economy. So we’re recycling some content. Enjoy this for several minutes. [YouTube]

Written by Stephen Granade.
Music: Harder, by Grizzly616 (creative commons).
Original animation by Chris Torres (PRguitarman).

Nyaaaaaaah! [DCTV 2011]

Exclamations are common in today’s sci-fi and fantasy. It’s quite meme-like. [YouTube]

Written by Stephen Granade.
Music: black sun, by Coax (creative commons).
Question asked by bigleftboob on LiveJournal.