Twilight Werewolves (DCTV2009)

New Moon will be in theaters shortly, so get ready for the girls to go gaga over werewolves … but watch out for that imprinting. Animal control will have their hands full.

Twilight Werewolves, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Foregotten 2009 by DJ DragonBoy

Syfy (DCTV2009)

The change over from SciFi Channel to Syfy seems to have gone smoothly, but it still creeps us out. In fact, it made a few of us go a wee bit crazy …

Syfy, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Gaia by Saelynh (Creative Commons)

Saturday Night Scifi (DCTV2009)

We love to pick on SNL, but they do contain much that is awesome … like links to some great sci-fi films. Okay, a lot of bad sci-fi films too … but at least one good sci-fi film has ties back to Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Scifi, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Your empty lives by zikweb

Star Trek Jokes (DCTV2009)

What do Star Trek and animals playing instruments on internet video have in common? Nothing … until we made this video …

Star Trek Jokes, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Logical by Francesco Stablum (Creative Commons)

Questions About Twilight (DCTV2009)

With New Moon about come out, we have to make sure this Twilight bumper gets released in time for you to make fun of the poor puppies that are about to be slaughtered in this teen-drama … someone call the ASPCA!

Questions About Twilight, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Chaoz Devotion by ParagonX9 (Creative Commons)

Olmos the Inventor (DCTV2009)

We really missed Edward James Olmos (“Eddy”) at Dragon*Con 2009, but he was off making “The Plan” for SyFy. At Dragon*Con 2008 he told us he basically invented SciFi (not SyFy), so we made this tribute to his inventive nature.

Olmos the Inventor, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Zero Gravity (original mix) by Redmann (Creative Commons)

Note for Class (DCTV2009)

Dragon*ConTV needs a sick note for missing a few days of posts in October (sorry). Looks like some people needed an excuse note for a few days after Dragon*Con … we tried to help, but I don’t think it turned out well.

Note for Class, Written by Stephen Granade
Music: Drunken Logic Bass_remix (ft. Psyanide) by longway (Creative Commons)